Ted Williams goes from Homeless to demanded Voice of major corporations & media companies! Watch this amazing video story here!

Meets mother @ New York Interview – click here

 But Reunion with Homeless "Man with Golden Voice" on Hold; He's Been Swamped with Job Offers since Appearing on "Early Show"


CBS NEWS:  Ted Williams

NY Daily News:  Ted Williams

LA Times Blog: Ted Williams Story

ALL NEWS UPDATES of Ted Williams [powered by Google]

Ted Williams on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Interview

FUNNY VIDEO @ Ted Williams Diss ~ by Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence Of Mama’s Family Is Pissed Off At Ted Williams For Some Reason


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Shaq Traded to the Cavs with Lebron! View the details of the trade & more!

Right near the NBA Draft, Shaq is traded to the Cleveland Cavs.  Maybe this will give the Cavs a much needed boost and support to their superstar Lebron James.  The story was developed online, with many stating Shaq did not even know of the trade until it was posted somewhere on Twitter.  Social media in real-time has just gotten better!  View more below on trade details.

The trade — Phoenix sends Shaq to the Cavs for Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, a draft pick and $500,000 — is being widely reported except by Shaq, who is being oddly quiet on his Twitter page, despite normally tweeting about almost everything. ~ NYTimes.com

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