Where’s CoCo? Conan O’Brien Talks to Fox and Launches Twitter Star! VIDEO & MORE!

CONAN Joins Twitter:  @mashable = http://mashable.com/2010/02/24/conan-obrien-twitter-2/

Conan sells out tour in 2 days from Twitter!



Conan O'Brien

Laugh Factory Comedy Club marquee reads:  “Laugh Factory offers Conan O’Brien 11:30 show every night.

“It was either a massive 30-city tour or start helping out around the house”  says CONAN O’BRIEN

Conan O’Brien’s live comedy tour to kick off April 12 Los Angeles Times (blog)

Conan O’Brien Plots A Movie Maneuver – Deadline.com


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Fox Registers Conan O'Brien Twitter Page

FOX on the PROWL!

Fox registered the domain name conanonfox.com last week and redirected it to the newly registered Twitter page for Conan on Fox


“Key Fox executives, including Rupert Murdoch, are on board with the plan and would like to finalize a deal in coming weeks so they can make a splash on May 17”

What’s Next for Conan O’Brien? Letterman rips Jay Leno as Conan rips NBC, the battle continues

Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien gets $45m pay-off

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NBC and Conan O’Brien have reached a resolution of the issues surrounding O’Brien’s contract to host The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

Under terms of an agreement that was signed earlier today, NBC and O’Brien will settle their contractual obligations and the network will release O’Brien from his contract, freeing him to pursue other opportunities after September 1, 2010.

O’Brien will make his final appearance as host of The Tonight Show on January 22.

#teamconan NYC represent@sirmitchell on TwitpicConan has kids, Jay has cars! on Twitpic

“We’re pleased that Jay is returning to host the franchise that he helmed brilliantly and successfully for many years,” said Jeff Gaspin, chairman NBC Universal Television Entertainment. “He is an enormous talent, a consummate professional and one of the hardest-working performers on television.”


JENNY LOPEZ on LOPEZ Tonight = Insults Sarah Palin:: READ


Should David Letterman have Paid the 2 Million? More Staff Emerge with Stories as Letterman’s Mistress! Video and Pics, Read more!



David Letterman left his home one day to find himself into a whole heap of trouble, lol.  Yeah, i said heap, but back to the story. Outside his home, A man was waiting with a letter and documents.  Mind you it was only 6am as the man, Robert Halderman (Resides in Norwalk, Connecticut), approached Letterman with a full script of how he could ruin his reputation.  He demanded to meet at 8am and Letterman agreed with his attorney.  At the meeting, he demanded 2 million dollars to remain quiet on the story.

I guess it bugged David Letterman f0r 3 weeks! Not to mention its a hefty blackmail bill to pay, which led to the on-air confession that he did, in fact, have sexual relations with his staff members.  Yes, another Clinton type scandal.  I think the audience took it as a joke at first and really never thought it was true until media plastered it everywhere, including me 😉  Anyhow, Mr. Halderman was arrested for the blackmail, who is an employee of CBS for 48 Hours Mystery show.  He was arrested at his office off 57th street in Manhattan and arraign as of recently ( i got the facts from that court report ).

Now Letterman is battling the media in keeping this story from getting as far as Mr. Halderman threatened as multiple staff members are coming out the wood works to give their story.  I am updating pictures of these woman below, so have fun sharing them on Twitter. Stephanie Birkitt (Wake Forest Univ. Intern) is pictured below, she worked on the same show as Robert Halderman… after doing her intern in 1996 and graduating to return to NY in 1997.  Smh, doesn’t this seem like a big nasty love triange, where Halderman and Letterman slept with Ms. Birkitt. One media source reports she lived with Halderman and he stole her diary that detailed the encounters with Letterman. How is he gonna stalk letterman for a $2million extortion and have documents that included a little diary page being photocopied, com’on guys, recession isn’t that bad for rich folks! However, Halderman was divorced by his wife as she moved their 11yr old son to Colorado.  Maybe he lost his marbles, who knows?  Wow, this is getting deep, lol.

Did you know Letterman’s current wife was previously a staff worker too?  Take it easy and stay tuned to the nerd report on twitter trends.

Stephanie Birkitt, (pictured above) was David Letterman's assistant and was the first woman identified as having a sexual affair with the late night host.

Stephanie Birkitt was David Letterman's assistant and was the first woman identified as having a sexual affair with the late night host... NYdailynews.com


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“I am surprised, mystified and stunned to hear these allegations against Halderman,” former CBS anchor Dan Rather told People magazine.

NEWS ARTICLES on David Letterman as of recent:

CBS’s Robert Halderman in COURT

Robert (Joe) Halderman in Manhattan Supreme Court Friday, where he was arraigned on a charge of attempting to blackmail David Letterman for $2 million.

OUCH! Jay Leno asks Kanye West if His Mother would have Approved. Kanye chokes up & Now Apologizes for Third Time! Read More!

The Kanye RECAP:

Kanye West is doing his best to get some respect back.  Yesterday, he jumps in front of Taylor Swift while she is recieve her award for “Best Video of the Year”.  He grabs the mic attempting to not offend anyone, but falls well short of that.  Kanye begins explaining that Beyonce’s Video, “Single Ladies/Put a Ring On It” was the best video of the decade.  Now personally, he might of been right and I don’t know when the last time a country artist has won over pop artists.  I know Beyonce’s song was played everywhere, from the Ellen Show to renditions on YouTube.  Maybe the criteria for “Best Video” meant more than performing or popularity, and more along the lines of creativity, production, and concept.  The overall fact that Kanye could not bite his lip, causes another gaffe at an awards show.  Continue below to see what happen tonite on Leno.

Leno and Kanye Interview:

Tonite on Jay Leno, Kanye schedule to perform with Jay-Z and Rihanna for “We Run This Town” promotions.  Leno says at last minute we have an interview with Kanye, where he sits him down to explain, apologize, further.  Jay Leno unloads a heavy question by asking “What would of your mother thought of this incident”.  It looks to blind side him and Kanye gets quiet, then chokes up for many seconds.  Leno looks stunned and tries to help him regain composure.  Kanye comes back to explain his rudeness in taking away the spotlight from a talented artist.  Maybe he finally gets that his ego needs a leash! lol Thanks for visiting and share our link bit.ly/thatblog or retweet below.

UPDATED: Watch Kanye West Breakdown on Jay Leno Show

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OBAMA AUDIO: Calls Kanye a “Jackass” for interupting Taylor Swift

official website:


We were fast on this story while still researching.  I liked the report from MSNBC [link] Pretty good.

KANYE WEST interview by Jay Leno News:

Conan O’Brien is finally back! NBC has Jay Leno at 10pm in Fall.


Conan O’Brien, from the Late Show, is the replacement for Jay Leno after years of great episodes of the Tonight Show. After a much anticipated transfer, Conan is live on NBC tonite for the premiere. Jay Leno will appear on a variety show this Fall at the 10pm timeslot, aiming Sept. 14. “Vrroom Vroom, partay stawter!”

**updated – Watch Opening of the premiere below
*** updated – Watch Pearl Jam‘s new song released on Conan – scroll down

Tonight Show: Conan website  <== www.tonightshowwithconanobrien.com

Watch old Conan episodes: click here


Conan OBrien opening receives standing ovation


New Song performed by PEARL JAM



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