New Myspace Launch Interesting, yet Boring! No Facebook Threat.

Newly Designed Beta Site

Myspace has completely rebuilt its website, with a new visual identity and product features that put content center stage. From the color palette to the way the site is organized to the improved navigation, everything has been redesigned to help people easily find relevant content.

Registered users can now also toggle between three different views of the homepage, each specifically designed to display their stream in the way that resonates most. These include:

  • List view: Traditional view
  • Grid view: A magazine-like format
  • Play view: A video format that allows users to watch, forward and resize their updates to full screen

Myspace has also introduced a new logo that captures its revamped brand identity and values. The bracket in the logo represents a space where people can express themselves, enabling users to personalize the logo and make it their own – just as they can throughout Myspace.


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AT E3: Gamers Conference – 10 Amazing Videos of New Releases from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo!

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E3 Gamers Conference of 2010

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IMG 0996 424x600 Nintendo Press Conference Photos from E3 2010

These videos will inform you of the launches from various companies.

Microsoft Launches Kinect


Video: First Look: Nintendo 3DS at E3 2010 CNETTV

E3 2010 : Metal Gear Solid: Rising Sneak Peek

E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Epic Mickey Hands-On Demo

Portal 2 Demo (Part 2) – E3 2010

Rock Band 3 Hands On Demo

Gran Turismo® 5 E3 2010 Trailer

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood ‘E3 2010 Trailer’ TRUE-HD QUALITY


Pictures From The EA’s Press Conference – E3 2010



See the Apple Tablet Debut! The Good, Bad, & Ugly! Details, Reviews, & Video!

Apple iPad, in the hands of Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed specs

  • The tablet runs an “iPhone flavor operating system” and can handle multiple apps at the same time.
  • The display is OLED but the device also offers an e-reading mode with longer battery life.
  • It has two cameras–one in front, one at the back of the device so it works well for video conferencing.
  • There’s a built-in HDTV tuner and PVR.
  • There are thumbpads on each side for mouse gestures and fingerprint security for up to five profiles.
  • The tablet will cost $600, $700 or $800, depending on size and memory
  • There’s also a wireless keyboard and monitor connection for TV available, he says.
  • The tablet connects to other tablets over Wi-Fi for gaming and will include games such as Farmville, the Facebook game that has become a rage among users.
  • Overall the tablet offers a battery life of two to three hours while playing games. But there’s a solar pad for recharging.
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    Live: Steve Jobs presents the Apple tablet

    “We want to kick off 2010 by introducing a truly magical and revolutionary product today” ~ Steve Jobs, Apple CEO

    Starting at $499

    Unlimited Data  coverage (ATT) $30

    Wifi Hotspot enable

    Apple stocks falls 4%, midday on Debut

    Apple iPad Recent NEWS:

    Google’s NEXUS ONE Released for Sale, SEE DETAILS! Watch out Apple Corp!

    Introducing the NEXUS ONE by Google

    nexus one by goole

    Choose a way to learn below:

    1. PLAY WITH THE NEXUS ONE Phone from Google
    2. VIRTUAL TOUR from
    3. SEE THE Very Detailed Technical Specifications: Click Here

    Biz Break: AT&T to sell Palm, Android phones; plus: first look at Nexus One

    Highlights: Inside the NEXUS

    Android Mobile Technology Platform 2.1 (Eclair)

    Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)

    Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR


    130 grams w/battery

    Talk Time:

    Up to 10 hours on 2G
    Up to 7 hours on 3G

    Web time:  Up to 5 hours on 3G


    3.7-inch  Touchscreen


    512MB Flash

    512MB RAM

    4GB Micro SD Card

    HOT NEWS ARTICLES of 2010 for Nexus ONE:

    Apple iPhone Premiere and Tweetdeck 0.26! What a Sweet Summer!

    Okay so some people have the Apple iPhone and loving it while some are desperately waiting for Friday to experience the new 3GS.  Not only that, the applications are right on time, such as TweetDeck.  This program is from Adobe and personally the best twitter tool there is and most popular.  If you own a twitter account, you may like the functionality of using on your cell phone, but if you really ‘tweet’, then this is the program for you.  The desktop app handles facebooks messages too and now we have a chance to own it on our new Apple iPhone 3GS (Apple iPod touch too!).  And that’s whats fun, u can scroll the columns of friends & messages with your finger.  One CNET journalist claims the screens interface looks similar to the Palm Pre that was recently released, I haven’t check, but he’s a credible guy, lol.  The program also lets you reply to all the @users within a message or even reply to multiple accounts that you select.  Managing a tweet has become easier with functions such as follow, unfollow, email tweet, translate, block spammers, and add user groups.  If you have a video from or Qik, then you can even play it within TweetDeck, but it still doesn’t support seesmic videos.  Hope everyone has fun with their new phone or others to be informed of the newest technology and leading companies.  View more specifics of the new app below or read articles across the web.

    NEW TweetDeck iPhone App FEATURES:

    • Tweet directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
    • Manage multiple Twitter accounts.
    • View notifications for new tweets received.
    • Use columns to create your personal dashboard.
    • Simply sync to set-up
    • Continuously updates between your desktop and iPhone.
    • Create Groups to easily follow all your friends.
    • Follow topics in real-time with saved searches.
    • Reply to tweets and send direct messages.
    • Easily re-tweet messages.
    • Share photos with Twitpic and YFrog.
    • Shorten links with your favourite URL shortener.
    • Follow and un-follow people.
    • Shake your iPhone to refresh columns.

    Sprint launches Palm Pre today. Check Specs & Details!

    Sprint launches Palm Pre

    Sprint launches Palm Pre

    Whats the big noise about? Well Palm Pre is suppose to be the iPhone killer, the cell phone that steals customers from AT&T.  So Sprint has gladly launched their best, the Palm Pre which now operates on their own innovative operating system webOS.  The phone also includes a small keyboard to counter the bad experience from users of iPhone’s virtual touchpad keyboard.  As Verizon & AT&T gain ground in the industry, Sprint, as No. 3, hopes to keep their customers happy and win back old subscribers to the other top companies.

    Personally, I think this is a difficult market for Sprint.  Cool vs. Corporate, Sprint is cool and always wanted to be the tech guys, like Verizon has created.  The corporate giants that love Blackberry and iPhone are loyal or get corporate contracts that locks in the subscriptions. Blackberry slowed their high-end side and gave a simplistic phone to everyday users by offering “cool” flip phones and less features of their previous.  To sell alot, they must find a way to stun the consumer, with video, web surfing, cool features, games, or something!  There are folks waiting on the cool mixed with tech, even though nerds & the rich still want the best possible.  Apple iPhone is on the job as well as Verizon, as both are playing in multiple fields to expand their brand.  Verizon Cable to iPhone Apps & Games, Sprint must come hard with this Palm Pre. Watch the video on Palm Pre and judge for yourself:

    Check out some links below to find even more details & news articles:

    Google Wave is coming! Check out what it is.

    Google wave is a project announced by Google May 28, 2009 which is scheduled to be released later in the year. It is designed to bring all the web favorites together as an application on a webpage. This includes email, instant messaging, social networking, wiki, and other text entry options. This allows a user to build a network of friends and share messages or even media in real time, thus creating a wave of information to others.


    Google Wave Details & Screenshots

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