Ted Williams goes from Homeless to demanded Voice of major corporations & media companies! Watch this amazing video story here!

Meets mother @ New York Interview – click here

 But Reunion with Homeless "Man with Golden Voice" on Hold; He's Been Swamped with Job Offers since Appearing on "Early Show"


CBS NEWS:  Ted Williams

NY Daily News:  Ted Williams

LA Times Blog: Ted Williams Story

ALL NEWS UPDATES of Ted Williams [powered by Google]

Ted Williams on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Interview

FUNNY VIDEO @ Ted Williams Diss ~ by Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence Of Mama’s Family Is Pissed Off At Ted Williams For Some Reason


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Terrorism plot on Airline causes more security measures at Airports for travelers.

Terror Suspect: Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab

***Click name to read a more detailed profile of the Nigerian Terror Suspect***

HIGHLIGHTS of Terrorism plot on Christmas Day:

Nigerian suspect catches a plan from Africa to Europe, passing security with only one bag. From Amsterdam, the suspect attempts to blow up the plane by from pulling out explosive materials from inside his pants. This creates a large fire and other passengers began wrestling him down to prevent a larger disaster. Currently, police are looking for another suspect thought to have aided the suspect’s plan to blow up the flight. He claims support of Yemen terrorist groups. The same plan was grounded again after a Nigerian passenger spent the ending hours of the flight, inside a bathroom, refusing to come out. Security officials were called, but revealed just a very sick passenger in the bathroom. Stay tuned for more or read the exact facts from the News articles collected below. Thanks for visiting!

Jasper Schuringa who tackled Abdulmutallab on Flight 253

Hero who tackled suspect

Read Insert of FBI report

NEWS on Terrorism:


OUCH! Jay Leno asks Kanye West if His Mother would have Approved. Kanye chokes up & Now Apologizes for Third Time! Read More!

The Kanye RECAP:

Kanye West is doing his best to get some respect back.  Yesterday, he jumps in front of Taylor Swift while she is recieve her award for “Best Video of the Year”.  He grabs the mic attempting to not offend anyone, but falls well short of that.  Kanye begins explaining that Beyonce’s Video, “Single Ladies/Put a Ring On It” was the best video of the decade.  Now personally, he might of been right and I don’t know when the last time a country artist has won over pop artists.  I know Beyonce’s song was played everywhere, from the Ellen Show to renditions on YouTube.  Maybe the criteria for “Best Video” meant more than performing or popularity, and more along the lines of creativity, production, and concept.  The overall fact that Kanye could not bite his lip, causes another gaffe at an awards show.  Continue below to see what happen tonite on Leno.

Leno and Kanye Interview:

Tonite on Jay Leno, Kanye schedule to perform with Jay-Z and Rihanna for “We Run This Town” promotions.  Leno says at last minute we have an interview with Kanye, where he sits him down to explain, apologize, further.  Jay Leno unloads a heavy question by asking “What would of your mother thought of this incident”.  It looks to blind side him and Kanye gets quiet, then chokes up for many seconds.  Leno looks stunned and tries to help him regain composure.  Kanye comes back to explain his rudeness in taking away the spotlight from a talented artist.  Maybe he finally gets that his ego needs a leash! lol Thanks for visiting and share our link bit.ly/thatblog or retweet below.

UPDATED: Watch Kanye West Breakdown on Jay Leno Show

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OBAMA AUDIO: Calls Kanye a “Jackass” for interupting Taylor Swift

official website:


We were fast on this story while still researching.  I liked the report from MSNBC [link] Pretty good.

KANYE WEST interview by Jay Leno News:

Coroner: Michael Jackson was Killed. Death ruled Homicide after lethal dosage of meds!

Conrad Murray, MJ’s Doctor, under intense Pressure!

The news is reporting that Michael Jackson’s death was ruled a homicide.  Propofol was found at lethal levels in his body, says coroner.  Conrad Murray, the doctor of MJ, says he has been treating MJ for insomnia for 6 weeks prior.  Neglect will most likely help the charges stick of manslaughter.  He left MJ on the drugs to make phone calls! SMH! Check out more news below and watch the video above to get all the details, quick.  Thanks for stopping by, there’s so much more here, look around!

Michael Jackson Autopsy Results Tighten Net Around Dr. Conrad Murray

by ABC News, click to visit story!

LOOK at these HEADLINES in the NEWS:

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1984 Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial of Hair Flaming Is Released by US Weekly? Watch!

Media is suggesting that this commercial was Michael Jackson’s downfall.  He accidently had his hair catch on fire from sparks on stage, that are miscued, causing his head to engulf in flames.  Michael is rushed by employees who smother the fire on his head.  This accident lead to serious burns, in which he was prescribed pain killers to cope with the injury.  This prescription is the same one found recently at MJ’s house.  Media is suggesting this incident “introduced Mike” to abuse the drugs and deal with the burn scars which led to plastic surgery.  Personally, he made his own decisions and chose to look for drugs as the answer, rather than trying to seek help by trusting psychologist.  He had many social issues because of his indifferences and constant spotlite in fame.  I wish the best for his fam, kids, and legacy… RIP MJ.

Check out the actual Pepsi Commercial from 1984 released by US weekly recently.  I haven’t heard anyone comment on the spin move he did to try to put out the fire, lol, but maybe I was looking to hard after numerous replays.

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Or Listen Here “Place With No Name” Unreleased

Great Articles Below:

Michael Jackson’s record sales top 9 million since his death

Michael Jackson’s Unreleased Music Could Date Back Decades

Michael Jackson Left Lots of Unreleased Music, Mottola Says

Michael Jackson autopsy report delayed two weeks

Michael Jackson’s ex sues Florida woman for defamation and 

Tito Jackson: I am sure that Michael is biological father to 


Michael Jackson Mystery Grows. Rumors: Kids Are Not MJ’s, Custody Battle, Neverland Ranch Funeral, & even Kim Kardashian Dated MJ’s Nephew? See Here.


The mysteries surrounding Michael’s death has grown even bigger, with custody battles, autopsies, & trying to figure out who exactly is MJ in his latter years.  The biggest controversy currently is MJ’s kids.  Rumor has it, they are not his, but thats not it…  they are NOT the mother’s either who gave birth to the kids.  From reports, the sperm and egg was formed outside the womb and then given to a surrogate to carry for Michael’s sake.  Is the sperm really MJ’s? And does the surrogate have rights to the kids?  Rumor has it, the Kids were from MJ’s dermatologist and vowed to never tell the secret, this guy was the boss of the surrogate mother as well.  To continue, the custody battle is ongoing as everyone is claiming rights to the kids.  The mother (thought as surrogate) could get the oldest two, but will a judge split the kids up which is rare.  The Jackson Family has had custody after MJ’s death as well.  As we find out the true parents, maybe they will have some say so.

The neverland ranch was rumored to be the location of the funeral while some reports say he wouldn’t even want that.  Kim Kardashian gets in the spotlight while telling her story as a young girl dating Michael’s Nephew.  She recalls going to the Neverland ranch and saying its the most magical place on earth for her 14th birthday.  Stay tuned for more and check breaking news articles below:


Jackson’s funeral will by far eclipse that of Elvis Presley in 1977, at which 75,000 fans lined the streets of Memphis.

It could even rival Princess Diana’s 12 years ago when 250,000 gathered in Hyde Park alone ~ telegraph.co.uk


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