Pleasure P and allegations of child molestation hits Twitter Buzz! See story


Story Quick Summary:

Pleasure P is being rumored to have molested his own neice and nephews which are 4 & 5 years of age.  These allegations have been supported by just speculation from emails, tweets, blog postings, and hearsay, however, much has snowballed into a social media circus. Today Twitter’s top trending topics consisted of Pleasure P, all stemming from the alleged molestation charges.  We will update his respons as soon as he releases it, check back for more…

MUST SEE Sites for more info: Interview, quotes, and the supporting online content SUPPORTING EVIDENCE of Pleasure P allegations (Photos) Allegation of child molestation


” President of Bluestar Ent, Int’l & Member of PrettyRicky. Want 2 let u know that Bluestar did NOT SEAL Pleasure P’s Docs! ”  ~Diamond Blue

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Pleasure P

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