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Osama Bin Laden Dead: OBAMA speaks, plus Social Media celebration Videos!

Obama captures and kills Osama bin laden

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Osama Bin Laden Is Dead: Why It Matters TIME (blog)

Death of a Failure New York Times

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Inside the Osama Compound in Pakistan

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Compound Where Osama Bin Laden Was Killed

Photos: Osama bin Laden, the world's most notorious terrorist, kill zone



SLIDESHOW: Osama bin Laden San Francisco Examiner

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VIDEO: Remembering September 11th, Obama Honors Pentagon Victims. Plus, Other 9/11 Events, News, & Updates!

Manny Papir looks at a

OBAMA HONORS Pentagon 9/11 Victims

RARE Footage of the NYC on 9/11

SUFFOLK Memorial Site

Marion Otten of East Islip,

Photo credit: Audrey C. Tiernan | Marion Otten of East Islip, widow of firefighter Michael Otten, places a rose on the new Suffolk County 9/11 Gardens of Remembrance memorial.

FULL 9/11 COVERAGE Across the World

NEWS ARTICLES on 9/11 for 2009:

Family members of victims pay their respects at the site of the former twin towers on the eighth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, in New York, September 11, 2009. Families of the victims are gathering at the annual ceremony to remember the attacks that killed more than 2,700 people with the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. REUTERS/Gary Hershorn

Follow Friday is here! Brief How-to and quick tips guide to more followers!

Basic Twitter Functions

  • Send Tweet to a person     @username
  • (example:       @collegetweeps Did you get my application? )
  • Retweet a message              RT @username Message goes here
  • (ex:  RT @collegetweeps Did you get my application?)
  • Send Direct Message          DM @username
  • (ex:     DM @collegetweeps I got your application, check ur email. TTYL )
  • To view your Tweets from others, click your @username on web profile (under HOME, above Direct Messages) or search Twitter
  • Use #Hashtag to track tweets in search engine
  • (example  #health #news #coolpeople #iphone, make up your own!)

If all else fails, use TweetDeck !


Okay, now you have been on twitter for a little bit, but know it’ll be fun to chat with a bigger audience or even try to be a twitter celebrity. More followers makes tweeting fun!  Imagine sharing laughs when your favorite show is airing live or if your into small business, then imagine having more customers to promote your deals to.  The question is how, the answer is Follow Friday.

Each week, a large portion of Tweeps participate in this function.  They begin by putting the words “Follow Friday” in their tweet.  Follow Friday are keywords that are listed in the Trending Topics each week, so this tweet will be seen by many, not just your few followers.  People even search for messages labeled Follow Friday, which helps users to follow others by recommendation.  How to do it? You must add usernames to your message.  These are the Tweeps that you refer to others, but make sure u use an @ sign in front of their username.   Like this”

An example of a Follow Friday message is below:

My Follow Friday @username1  @username2 @username3 and @username4 Please Add these Great Users!

This is the basic style of tweet in a follow friday to expand your network, virally.  Let it spread and if it appeals, then you have a nice network. Focus on making it spread by being creative & using the power of twitter features. To get fancy, try adding at the end the letter “RT” which stand for Retweet (resending a twitter message).  This makes your message reach more people, just think if the RT goes to users who has 1000’s of followers and they send the message to their network, now you’ve just advertises, on the “tweet channel”.  Advance tweeters find users who have large networks and give them a shout out in exchange for a shout out.  By getting big-time users, then you reach more, faster, but you need a reason to get a shout out, so start slowly and you’ll see an improving growth.  Don’t get burned out, it’s not difficult, just something to have fun with now & then, and after some time, you’ll a tweet master!

HASHTAGS:  #FF #FFVIP #followfriday

Also, you may want to use a hashtag or even a popular trending topic word, so you will appear on even more search engine listings for twitter.  This makes your tweet search engine friendly. My favorite one is #FFVIP which is follow friday V.I.P.  Users who search tweets in the public timeline, attempts to gain users who are willing to followback by using the hashtag, then follows them, and possibly promote to others.  Other tags are listed in the heading. Use it like this:

Example Advanced Follow Friday Message:

Follow Friday Best Tweeps this week: @username1 @username2 @username3 @anotheruser @funnyuser #FFVIP #FF – Please RT

Did you see all the usernames and where to include and not include spaces?  There’s other ways to grow your network as well. Just tweeting regularly can help pick up a follower, because users search on keywords and may find your’s interesting.  The strongest way to get tweeps is having great messages and talk about trending topics.  Other users see this message and may add you to follow someone cool or with insight, yeah you.  So make sure your message has good content.  Try tweeting a few times a day and especially at busy times such as lunch and nightime, this is when more folks are on & they love checking the trending topics “keywords” that are inside of public tweets.

And Lastly, having a nice profile helps.  Try to keep your “following” and “followers” around the same number.  In the beginning it will be more difficult, but once u have a few hundred, keep the numbers even.  This tells others your not begging.  Have a nice background too.  Search google for a “free twitter background” and add one to your profile.  Now u look cool, messages are cool, your on the cool list, and will grow from other cool users, lol.  Having an audience is fun, so happy tweeting and follow me, lol.  @trendingtoday

click to Retweet

Click to Go to Adobe.com for TweetDECK

Works well with Free TweetDeck.com Program from ADOBE

YOUR NOT A TWEEP, unless you’ve used these sites with Twitter:

Easy to use, trustworthy, and effective. Just know the Terms & policies of Twitter and avoid abuse of your account.

Cool Twitter Users to Help you Grow:

Twitter’s Famous FOLLOW FRIDAY is today! Get more tweeps & enjoy your network!

#FF    #FFVIP    #FollowFriday

Follow Friday is when users refer other users by sending a tweet with names attached.  There is a few ways to do this, but as long as you put the @username you should be fine.  To excel on this super networking day, try using “Follow Friday” inside your tweet or tags such as #FollowFriday or #FF or #FFVIP for even more attention.  There are others who search for these Tags and add users.

By participating in Follow Friday, others will give you some attention with the possiblity of adding you, or following you in Twitter terms.  There is an example Follow Friday tweet below.  For advanced tweeting, try going to the Super FollowBack List, where all the users you add from this list will willingly follow you back. It works for both of you. This list is located at http://bit.ly/ffvip posted weekly by user @FFVIP which stands for Follow Friday V.I.P. They search everyone using #FFVIP inside their tweeps and add all users attached to that tweet, plus they take walk-ins, lol.  Have fun on Follow Friday:

EXAMPLE Follow Friday Tweet:

Follow Friday @mybuddy09 @anotherbud12 @bigguy220 @sassychic002 #FF Plz RT


RT Follow Friday #FFVIP @username1 @anotheruser @3rduser @crazyname @susanboyle09 @mytrends #FF These people are great tweeps! RT


  • #FFVIP = special hashtag for growing followers fast
  • RT = ReTweet or Resend your message
  • #FF = Follow Friday alternative hashtag to #FollowFriday


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