Pleasure P and allegations of child molestation hits Twitter Buzz! See story


Story Quick Summary:

Pleasure P is being rumored to have molested his own neice and nephews which are 4 & 5 years of age.  These allegations have been supported by just speculation from emails, tweets, blog postings, and hearsay, however, much has snowballed into a social media circus. Today Twitter’s top trending topics consisted of Pleasure P, all stemming from the alleged molestation charges.  We will update his respons as soon as he releases it, check back for more…

MUST SEE Sites for more info: Interview, quotes, and the supporting online content SUPPORTING EVIDENCE of Pleasure P allegations (Photos) Allegation of child molestation


” President of Bluestar Ent, Int’l & Member of PrettyRicky. Want 2 let u know that Bluestar did NOT SEAL Pleasure P’s Docs! ”  ~Diamond Blue

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Pleasure P -

Pleasure P

Rapper Shyne Release Date Today, But He’s Not Free! Get the Scoop, Plus Diddy Speaks and Jay-Z Rumors to Sign Shyne!

Remember Shyne, or is he too old for you or maybe his brief career past you.  He sung some pretty nice club songs and unfortunately was involved with the Bad Boy Trial.  Remember Jennifer Lopez and Puffy in the nightclub shootout because someone alledgedly threw money in the face of another person.  Well, Shyne was the only person out the rich group to get into trouble, actually a 10 year sentence where he served 9 and is up for release today.  He has changed his name now to Moses Michael Leviy after converting to muslim practices in prison Twitter has been buzzing about his release, but reports show he is now in Federal Custody because of immigration issues.  How true is this? Well, media has stated it’s because he has an parole or immigration review, but how could an inmate not be considered a citizen.  Better yet, this year Shyne’s father, Dean Barrow, was elected as the Prime Minister of the country Belize.  There’s a link somewhere, maybe he’s just gonna get a transfer to Belize first, but you heard it first from Twitter Trends 😉 He is currently working on a third album titled Godfather Exhumed.

Puff Daddy’s Comments the last few days:

“I spoke with him a couple weeks ago. He sounded like he was in good spirits. I know he can’t wait to get home. And I know he’s definitely gonna heat the whole scene up. He’s definitely gonna do it, you know what I’m saying, he definitely was one of the most talented young artists that I had the pleasure to work with so I’m quite sure he’s been using his time wisely and I’m quite sure he has some heat.” (YouTube)

Shyne is not signed to Bad Boy anymore. I looked forward to this day. The whole situation was a tragic situation. He’s a young man that has a whole life ahead of him to live to be successful and to come out here and put his foot in the game….“I don’t have anything to do with his personal business or his career,” Combs told “As far as our relationship, only time will tell. (Examiner)

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Shyne released from prison

News Releases on Jamal “Shyne” Barrow:


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