New Myspace Launch Interesting, yet Boring! No Facebook Threat.

Newly Designed Beta Site

Myspace has completely rebuilt its website, with a new visual identity and product features that put content center stage. From the color palette to the way the site is organized to the improved navigation, everything has been redesigned to help people easily find relevant content.

Registered users can now also toggle between three different views of the homepage, each specifically designed to display their stream in the way that resonates most. These include:

  • List view: Traditional view
  • Grid view: A magazine-like format
  • Play view: A video format that allows users to watch, forward and resize their updates to full screen

Myspace has also introduced a new logo that captures its revamped brand identity and values. The bracket in the logo represents a space where people can express themselves, enabling users to personalize the logo and make it their own – just as they can throughout Myspace.


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Facebook Releases New Features at F8 – Watch Conference (uStream Live Recorded)

Facebook:  Behind the Scenes

RIP Brittany Murphy! See News Highlights and More!

“As far as having a New Year’s resolution, I’d love to have a child next year” ~Brittany Murphy  (Houston Chronicle)

Images of Brittany Murphy

SEE Ex BF, Ashton Kutcher’s Tweet :  click here

NEWS on Brittany Murphy:


Fort Hood Massacre kills 13, Injures over 31. See Video Reports & Developing News.




Story Highlights

(Story is developing as you read, please stay tuned for official results)

WHEN:  1:30 p.m. Nov 5

WHERE:  Ft. Hood, Texas

Soldier Readiness Processing Center (Troops await deployment)

WHAT HAPPEN:  Muslim Troop open fired, killing 12, injuring over 31.

WHO:  Major Malik Nidal Hasan (39 years old); First reports claim he was shot by civilian police. Some reports claim different suspects were interview and released. Final reports from US Officials claim Mr. Hasan was “main shooter” and second shooter has been identified in the attacks.

WHY:  (Maybe) Hasan’s cousin was interviewd and reports Hasan had been disgruntled over fellow troops teasing of his ethnicity and discussed how he didn’t like his upcoming deployment. (**How can a Major be teased, lol, seems funny) ALSO:  Col. Terry Lee had  a phone interview with Fox News stating Maj. Hasan didn’t want to be deployed to the Middle East. UPDATED:  “AP source: Suspected Fort Hood shooter got poor performance evaluation for Army hospital work (Walter Reed as a pyschologist!).”

SEE THE PHOTOS: click here

SEE the Hero’s Twitter Page: Click Here Kim Munley

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White House Web site: President Obama called the event a “horrific outburst of violence.”



INTERVIEW with Hasan’s cousin


Twitter Unveils Lists! Learn More about the Features!

Okay, for the last few weeks Twitter has allowed a small group to test out the new “Lists” feature.  It groups up your followers, basically, and allows others to see who you have on a list.  The concept is great, maybe because it’s new.  We will be looking for a search feature to include these list and more social networking tools from the micro-blog giant.   Lets analyze the change.

Your followers and following section has now changed.  It has formally recognized the word tweet by calculating the number of “tweets” sent, under the username.  Now the previous spot this has came from “updates” is now filled with “Lists”.  I guess they hope us to create many to make this number large.  List are also viewed above the Trending Topics of the Day section.  This concept of Lists will play an important role in Follow Friday, if not completely take over as a 24/7 follow friday spotlite on many users’ pages.   The feature also lets you know exactly how many followers per list. Pretty cool! I’m off to create some list.  Don’t forget to add @elucidmedia to your Follow Friday or @collegetweeps for my student visitors.  Thanks!

View Mashable‘s Newly Created List on Twitter

OUR FOLLOW FRIDAY LIST:  Users who Followback Only! Join & Share!

or check out Twitter Lists Directory!

Great List from

New TweetDeck Features Released Version 0.31 – Nice! Check out the New Stuff Inside!

TweetDeck Version 0.31

What Changes Have Been Made?

  1. Overhauled notification system
  2. Added Keyboard shortcuts
  3. Allow user to set notification preferences per column
  4. Fixed “Narrow column” problems
  5. Image URLs not calculating size correctly
  6. Underscores ‘_’ in search syncing may not work properly
  7. When ‘Adding a new account’ you get wrong settings tab
  8. Single column view too wide when using narrow columns
  9. Fixed adding of Facebook Fan pages
  10. Spellchecker not available for some people
  11. Clicking ‘compose update’ should close menus
  12. New column type: New followers.
  13. On conversation view, the profile pic menu options are confused with DM ones
  14. Facebook status updates that include a link are posted to the wall and do not update status
  15. FB updates creating links inappropriately
  16. Using autocomplete on Linux leaves an extra @ in front
  17. Fixed account creation to allow emails with + characters
  18. Clicking “upload to xxxx now” on an image attachment uses default account instead of selected
  19. FB Pictures from Pages or groups do not open in preview OR browser
  20. Confirmation popups stay on screen for way too long interrupting flow
  21. Add group function should suggest default account by default
  22. Horizontal scroll bar appears over names in friends list
  23. Posting to a friends FB wall with a photo does not actually post to the wall at all
  24. When retweeting punctuation like &, ” etc get changed to codes
  25. Any URLs with a domain that starts COM, NET, ORG etc will not shorten
  26. Add option to not show confirmation message for block & spam
  27. Escape to quit Autocomplete box closes the update window
  28. Mark All As Seen button scrolls column to “selected” tweet
  29. Favourites are always flagged as new.
  30. Adding too many accounts pushes buttons off the side of the screen
  31. Add a link to account screen to find APi key easily
  32. FB links are always white. Should obey user colour scheme
  33. TD forgets previous window size/position if user exits while minimised
  34. Red “over chr limit” background can render text unradable if dark font is used
  35. Single column mode is slightly too narrow
  36. Remove the hard limit of 140 characters for tweets
  37. Improve error message when failed DM due to not following


NEWS on TweetDeck’s Release:

Google Voice makes it to Verizon Wireless! Now what Apple?! As Microsoft organize’s its offensive with Yahoo!


The Battle Continues, Google, MS, Apple, Yahoo, Gear up!

Okay, I’m a PC, and this is getting good, lol.  Yes, Microsoft has fell asleep at the wheel the last 3, maybe 5, years, with a sorry operating system and virtually all other software left untouched with minor upgrades.  I waited for major changes as I stuck with XP as long as I could and microsoft office made me an expert after messing with it for a day or two because it was similar to the previous version. Now Microsoft has toughened up and aggressively hopes to reestablish its tech mojo.  I guess they felt the attack on a growing industry that couldn’t really be predicted at times and Google’s empire is surely big now. That attack was led by Apple trying for marketshare and mocking Microsoft’s flaws in commercials aimed for the youth.  Apple has a high quality product, yet expensive, as Microsoft has the power to offer cheap products that are already a platform for many users, even businesses.

Apple’s iPhone has the most impact today, u notice it’s the center of many new technologies.  Apple App’s is the fast growing arena as the mobile industry’s smartphone taps the internet for extended functions.  AT&T and Apple’s long relationship has helped the iPhone find light.  Google nerds have attempted to add their new app, Google Voice, that would give users power to control phone function through one central number from Google.  Apple has rejected, or should we say “still reviewing” the app, as they feel the threat to their current vision in the mobile industry with AT&T.  This battle has continued for months with the FTC stepping in to investigate the fairness of this conflict.

Well today, Google wheeled and dealed with Verizon, announcing a partnership to launch Google phones for the Verizon Network, can you hear me yet? This deal includes the Google Android, Google Wave, and Google Voice wrapped up in the new cellular phones.  I think this is a good pair as both of these companies have shown tremendous innovation and skills in the tech industry.

We will see where this leads Microsoft as they have acquired a great chunk of Yahoo, making a great deal as well.  Microsoft and Yahoo threaten Google who all need to move quickly.  Yahoo announced millions of dollar set aside for advertising in upcoming months that should bring the attention back to them.  Microsoft is back in the mix with mobile operating systems and even more, a new operating system for PC’s, Windows 7.  If you purchase a computer this year with Vista, you should receive a free upgrade to Windows 7 as they try to establish their innovation again.  Students can purchase it for a very cheap price as well as other Microsoft products, just as Adobe does.  Look out for Adobe their gaining ground with their Design Programs, TweetDeck, Flash, and Acrobat which is on most computers.  Microsoft has talked alot and hasn’t really gave us nothing to be impressed with, but let’s watch closely when Oct. 22 bring Windows 7.  Well that sums up the techie news and a nice list of resources are below if you want great deals from these companies as they battle to bring low prices to consumers.  Who said capitalism is dead? lol

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Google Lineup:





CS4 Premium Student Edition : Without getting the student version, this product cost $1800 & includes many programs that are usually $200-$500 each.  That keeps alot of people from purchasing, although it’s an industry standard if you into graphic design or web development.  I searched for an affordable solution and finally came up with the most amazing deal at Amazon.

Student versions of CS4 is only $389.99 and yes, that’s for the complete package and this is real price.  So, I advise all my tech & design readers to jump on that deal whenever u can, maybe x-mas 🙂

click here for the Adobe lineup and Free Trials for 30 days

TweetDeck: If you learned how to use twitter, u need this program, like yesterday! Learn how to tweet in this blog site, search “follow friday”! : If you need Acrobat Reader, Flash upgrade to see online vidz, then go here.

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