Will Health Care Pass? See schedule, Vote issues, Links, & Obama’s Push for Reform!

Voting takes place today, March 21 for the Health Care Reform Bill pushed by Democrats who scramble to find final votes needed to pass the bill. The votes will be tallied this evening, most likely running after 9pm est.  Both sides are confident in their position and stance in blocking or passing the bill.  Stay tuned and Tweet or Share on your social networks, thanks~!

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Health Care Reform Bill NEWS:

Obama vows commitment to immigration reform Washington Post

Both Sides Confident in their Position:

Health Care Reform Bill Championed By Obama Wont Pass Reports Say

House Democrats: Health Care Bill Likely To Pass




Live health-care vote updates from Twitter

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Terrorism plot on Airline causes more security measures at Airports for travelers.

Terror Suspect: Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab

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HIGHLIGHTS of Terrorism plot on Christmas Day:

Nigerian suspect catches a plan from Africa to Europe, passing security with only one bag. From Amsterdam, the suspect attempts to blow up the plane by from pulling out explosive materials from inside his pants. This creates a large fire and other passengers began wrestling him down to prevent a larger disaster. Currently, police are looking for another suspect thought to have aided the suspect’s plan to blow up the flight. He claims support of Yemen terrorist groups. The same plan was grounded again after a Nigerian passenger spent the ending hours of the flight, inside a bathroom, refusing to come out. Security officials were called, but revealed just a very sick passenger in the bathroom. Stay tuned for more or read the exact facts from the News articles collected below. Thanks for visiting!

Jasper Schuringa who tackled Abdulmutallab on Flight 253

Hero who tackled suspect

Read Insert of FBI report

NEWS on Terrorism:


Obama Shocked to win the Nobel Peace Prize! VIDEO HERE!

“Well, this is not how I expected to wake up this morning”  ~ President Obama

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Obama Shocked to win the Nobel Peace Prize


Larry King interviews Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Talks Obama, Neda, Holocaust, & Nuclear Facility. WATCH VIDEO HERE!


Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sits down with Larry King Live for a full interview.  Questions from the Iran election to the newly exposed nuclear facility that has been kept secret, was mentioned in the interview.  The infamous youtube video of an Iran protest, showing a woman dying in the streets was of great concern to Larry King.  The woman, Neda, who was shot by a rifle in close range, was a victim of the violence of these protest after the wary Iran election.  Ahmadinejad stated she was not in the protest, was leaving dance class, and drew speculation of the person who shot the video from cell phone camera.  He states that someone was following Neda and captured her death, but was reluctant to show the shooter to bring him to justice.  He also compared the incident to a similar one that happen to Hugo Chavez which was very similar, stating the US was behind that incident.  Ahmadinejad was also asked if he still felt that the holocaust was a fictional event.  He in return avoided the questions many times and acknowledged the event, but felt it had no place in history or the eyes of politicians across the world.  Overall, the interview was hasty, where Ahmadinejad avoided answers and turned the question around various times.  My favorite was when he stated the US had more people in prison dying then his country.  To conclude, he acts as if he is disappointed with Obama, but still has room to solve international issues with peace talks.  In recent times, Russia has considered sanctions of Iran after the recently revealed uranium enrichment plant.  Obama is trying to solve this problem without causing Mid-East tensions and we’ll see the engagement of talks in the next week or so.  To check news articles look below or share this post on your social networking sites with web address  http://bit.ly/thatblog  Thanks!

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District 9 gets Great Reviews and Opens Box Office at 13 million! See Trailer and Screenshots here!

WATCH District 9: The Link is below, under Trailer!

DISTRICT 9 is HERE! With Great Review!

Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley, left) and his associates (Mandla Gaduka, centre, and Kenneth Nkosi) prepare to clear out an alien slum in the South African sci-fi film District 9.

This movie has been getting a great deal of buzz across the web! District 9 has a great plot as Aliens are detained in South Africa, showing a mix of cultures.  I haven’t seen it yet, but will make my way to the theater soon, especially when critics rate this movie a perfect 10!  I enjoyed a GI Joe and rate it a B. Check out our other post on the sidebar to Watch Box Office Movies from your computer for free. Now the quality isn’t the best, but you didn’t have to dish out money for tickets, gas, & popcorn, lol.  We have received links to watch the following movies:  Harry Potter-Half Blood Prince, GI Joe, Funny People, and we will update this page with a District 9 movie link here soon. Also, District 9 News Articles & Trailer  are posted below, thanks & come again!

OFFICIAL TRAILER for District 9 Movie Release


WATCH District 9 Movie ONLINE [Med. Quality]


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Bill Clinton Visits North Korea in Hopes to Free Two Journalist Sentenced to Hard Labour!


Bill Clinton is headed to North Korea! Yes, that dangerous zone that has been practicing with super weapons and ignoring the diplomatic attempts to negotiate.  The move is risky, yet brave, as Bill Clinton hopes to free two US female journalist previous sentenced to years of hard labor.  North Korea has the ball in their hand, but will they cooperate?  We will see as this story develops.  Read full coverage of recent articles by main media sources below pic.

Latest Bill Clinton Coverage:

Michael Jackson Funeral Kicksoff with a Host of Celebrities. See MJ’s Amazing Last Rehearsal VIDEO from Staples Center Here!

MJ’s Last Rehearsal From the Staples Center

The Staples Center has been growing with fans flocking across the world to attend the public funeral service in Los Angeles.  Reports of Tickets going for extraordinary prices and the number of attendees has been amazing.  The funeral service consist of some of the greatest celebrities with performances by many.  Al Sharpton gave a touching speech with a statement directed to MJ’s kids, “There was nothing strange about your daddy! The things he had to deal with was strange!” which won applause over the large crowd.  The whole Jackson family was in front row with children as MJ’s coffin was on stage for everyone to give honor.  For coverage outside the Staples Center from fans and more indepth look at the legendary icon’s life, check out more video & articles below:

MJ’s daughter Paris Speaks at Public Memorial


Watch more exclusive videos by clicking Read More- MJ at James Brown Funeral & more

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